“You will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord ,is the Rock eternal.” (Isiah 26:3) 

© Anatoly Tiplyashin – Fotolia.com

Have you ever dream or thought on how old are you in becoming a mother and bearing a baby? Me? Maybe yes or maybe no, but one thing I am sure it’s a full of responsibility, though love too. I am about to become 24 at age when I’ve found out that I’ll becoming a ‘Mom’ or ‘Ina’, a not yet married, not even engage. Yes, you heard me but I think we’re both ready; the obligations, consequences and settlement. 

Before the day that I’ve confirmed that it is true positive, I was nervous, scared but happy as well, beacause whatever the reasons, we reflects it as a blessing in disguise. The early morning that I saw that it has two red lines, I called him right away though I knew he might be sleeping. When I heard his voice, I paused and feels like the time has stopped too. Suddenly, he asks me an extraordinary question, he said, “Uy, Baboy! Ano na? Daddy na ako? Daddy na ako? Daddy na ako?” he keeps repeating the word “Daddy na ‘ko?” and I did smiled sort of kilig and there’s a melody that lingers in my heart. Of course, I utteredly said yes and that’s when we started to talk our future plans.

We’re both having a hard time at figuring out the steps on how we will share the news on each family especially our parents. We’re like a harbinger that taking a ladder step-by-step. We don’t know what would be the best or greatest way to start the conversation about the situation, but I guess there’s really isn’t. It’s a matter of facing it, readiness and openness whatever outcome or reaction they’ll be.

I am not frightened if my body figure will change or will take a lot of scars and feel the pain, what I am worried and keeps asking myself, If I’m gonna be a good mother or will I get through all of it. I know it’ll have a loads of change, expected there might be ups and down and tons of responsibilities, but I am grateful that the fact, that the Lord, has given me a chance to become a mother or parent, indeed it was truly blessed and stupendous.

Though everything are still puzzled and await changes, but excitedly we are willing to ride to our new journey even it’s the scary or breathtaking roller coaster. We continued to pray that may God and our family support and guide us whatever paths we may take. 

Bringing a new life into the world is a highlight of any person’s existence. Babies come into the world in a variety of circumstances, but whichever you are faced with, there is both joy and responsibility. (all4women.co.za)


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