After 8 hours of laboring, she’s finally out of my womb. How perfectly amazing hearing the sounds of her first cry, a priceless glimpsed of her first smile and a wonderful sense of her first touch. It’s my first born child. I can’t help but cry, tears of overwhelming joy I guess.

When I first visit her at nursery room to breastfed, I was galvanized, nervous, scared but overjoyed. It was my first time carrying her, seeing her whole makes me want to memorize all her body parts or something sign that I might find, and I found a big mole on her head just like her Daddy. While I’m carrying her, I greeted her “Hi baby! Si Mommy ito. Okay ka lang ba?”  just to make her feel my presence. How about everyone? How or what’s your first greeting to your baby? At the moment of being with her, I know how lucky and blessed I am and I thank God for giving me such a special kind of gift.

Phoebe Gaile at 1 month

I knew from the start that everything will begin to change. Being a mom or a parent are also means giving-up your daily routine such your body figures, beauty session, outing with friends, less dates and your awaiting sleepless nights so it’s means expect that you’ll have a little or less time for yourself.

I am grateful that my mom and in-laws are always there to support and help me to take good care of my little girl, that we named Phoebe Gaile, Phoebe means ‘bright one & pure‘ and Gaile is also a short for Abigaile, but Gaile means ‘cheerful’, such a pretty name isn’t it?

I’m not rooting to be a perfect or almost perfect mother or a parent figure, but I am planting to be a mother like no other that perfectly grows with full of fruits of love and care so my child will never feel unloved and grow wonderfully human being.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

-Ephesians 2:10 NIV



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