Check Lists ✔

Here is my check list for our events that we will have this coming December.

Our Civil Wedding:
Final Date: December 5, 2009, Saturday.
Final Time: 5:00 PM
Principal Sponsors complete
Catering sponsors by our Grand Parents Jinky. 🙂
Souvenir / Favors
Wedding Dress / Formal Dress (both)
Wedding Invitation made by me.
Favorite Chocolate Mousse Cake bought.

Phoebe Gaile Baptismal:

Reception reserved @ Cabalen Restaurant in West Ave.
Final Date on December 10, 2009, Thursday.
Baptism Venue at Sta. Rita De Cascia Parish, Philam Homes QC.
Final Time: 10:30 in the morning
Grand Parents complete.
Phoebe Gaile’s Dress & shoe bought.
Baptismal Invitation done, made by me again. 🙂
Photo booth reserved at WackyPixx.
Baptismal souvenirs.
Thanks to sponsors; Mamu, Papa Hapon & Neng Xeit. 🙂

Lists Complete. 🙂

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