A Very Special Day.

SAVE THE DATE! DEC. 05, 2009
God always had a plan to meet two person and
to bond as a husband and wife.
Even we had experiences good and bad times.
And a lot of sacrifices and consequences to face in our life.
Still, god has a plan to live happily ever after.
It’s our Wedding day.
Wedding, but not a Church Wedding, but a simple wedding as
Civil Wedding that can be remembered forever.

Baboy and I planned to have a civil wedding first before we will get married at church, our simply reason is we want to focused on our baby daughter needs, and her one and only baptismal events, because after our wedding, in a week will be her baptisms. That’s why we spent all the money that we had to her baptismal.

Our wedding is a really a busy day, specially us and my mom.

Our wedding held in our house, so everyone was there to witness and celebrate our very special day.

Civil wedding Ceremony begins, all you hear is the voice of reverent who’s giving a word of god and ceremony.

When the reverent say some funny message, we all laughed.
We don’t know if we are nervous or not, but maybe a bit because of the ambiance that surrounds us and of course we know this is the moment we are waiting for.

We started wearing the rings as a sign of our love and then the moment that we will kiss as a groom and bride.

And guess what? after we end kissing, they are shouted for more, and of course we did haha. πŸ™‚

it was really an overwhelming day even it’s our simplest wedding day.

Thanks for those who attend & greets to our wedding day.
Thanks much for my mom and my parents in law.
And of course Thank you god, for this wonderful moment that you’ve given to us.

Here’s our sample souvenirs and wedding invites

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