pinky swear ring
  “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” –Oscar Wilde

  Our love story is not an ordinary one but I think every ones love story are extraordinary in different ways. At first, It’s like me and him against the world. We’re strangers that met, became friends, love-struck, status: complicated then part ways and meet again. Why it feels like a drama-rama? Haha! Uh! Anyways.. 

  Most every girls or women dream to have a fairy tale like wedding such a happily ever after. Of course, I once dreamed it but once you’ve grown-up and know the essence of life, you become more responsible on what’s first things first and thoughtfully lists your priorities.

  Before we get married, we already have our first little angel Phoebe. We talked our first and most priorities, of course that would be our little sweetie’s needs, so we decided to get married after my pregnancy journey or after our little sweetie will be celebrating her Christening. Well, maybe ganun talaga if you’re becoming a parent, all the things that you desires will fade or need to give-up for the meantime.

  Unfortunately, I don’t have regular work but he is, working as a nurse in the hospital, but I do part-time works such as making handmade, having craft-workshop and make-up artist too. I’m a very practical person when it comes to life or money situation. I don’t like to spent so much when it doesn’t needed to plus alam mo yung feeling na ayaw mong maging pabigat or humingi ng kahit ano. I know how marriage is important, or how every women dreamt about it, pero siguro for us, it is not time to have an extravagant wedding, what really matter is we love each other, we finally say “I do.”, we exchange rings & bows and we live happily married as we promise to continue to care, understand each other and let our love grows in our hearts each day of our marriage life.

  I am grateful that God never failed me to give a reason to live and to love more. I am thankful with my mom for busy preparing our very special day. Of course, my husband’s family, our ninang & ninongs, as well as our guests.

  Our wedding are not lavish as fairy-tale like, but I am sure I am one like Cinderella who ended up lost her shoes but finally find her right prince, or Snow White who ate apple and went in deep sleep and ended up kissing her last prince charming. Suma-total, ako ang Prinsesa nya at siya ang Prinsipe ko. Haha! but you know when the reverend announced the “you may now kiss the bride” and then we kissed, it was too overwhelming, kilig and sparks everywhere, and people in our back busy shouting “one more!!” 

  Oh by the way, my husband and I sweet callings are “Baboy”, ang cute ano pero pede din kasi in english “Babe” pina-ganda lang hihi! but before we became husband and wife, we called each other, “Crush” that’s our first, “Huggie” then Baboy.

  Well, an extraordinary moment in time can changed forever.

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