Meet with the professionals

One day, my friends say I should sign up or register in Model Mayhem, so I can find more people who are professional or maybe an XDEAL or a PAID deal session that i can join.

So rawr! I do sign up right away. It was’nt so easy to register, you’re description must be accurate and strict to their rules. When i already register, I did EXPLORE, UPLOAD IMAGE of my make up portfolio, TRY the STATUS, and MAKING FRIENDS.
They had casting there, so you can see who are in needs in Make Up Artist, oh well when i click the search, many professional is looking for make up artist, but of course more on XDEAL, but the good thing in XDEAL, first it makes you more challenge, second it will also increase your self confidence beyond your work, third having a benefits like the picture /images for your portfolio and lastly, you will meet professional strangers hehe and making friends with them. Is it good right?
Then, maybe a week past, some photographer message me If I am willing to have an XDEAL shoot, at first I am much excited, but when he said If it’s okay If the location is too far from me, I decided not to join, sigh. 😦
But, I saw a casting in Multiply as i remember, XDEAL, and the location is near from me, so I message Sir Carwei, so I ask if I can still join the XDEAL, and he replied yes, so we begin with exchanging messages and giving our numbers as well.
So Carwei, contact me for the schedule, the final venue and the theme for their shoot. It was a Glam and Fashion shoot. He give me PEGS so I can have an idea for the shoot.
So the day has come, nervous coz it was my first time to have work with them. I expected to be the model is Karen Bordador, an FHM Vixens, but when they arrived, they already three of them, Karen also join her friends in the shoot, why not, it would be more fun.
It was really tired day, I make up the three models in that day,but still I enjoying the essence of make up. I met the photographers, Sir Carwie, Lester (the one who ask me first in Model Mayhem), Marlowe and Lester wife, also the three models, Karen Bordador, FHM Vixens, her friends Charisse and Dottie.
When I saw the outcome of the shoot, my tiredness are gone, still OVERWHELMED and FULL. πŸ™‚
Thanks much guys and I do had a great fun, Hoping for the next shoot. πŸ™‚
Here some snapshot in our shoot;
MODEL: KAREN BORDADOR, FHM Vixens (on first two image)

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