I’m Full.

(*this is a late post like one of my pending blog.) 
Another flow that I received. It is my passion, that’s all I can say. 
Since my mom back from the Philippines, I am so thrilled to gather my “pasalubong” (a present usually given from someone who go on travel; or a souvenir). 
She bought me an Hello Kitty iPhone case that made out of rhinestones. Here in Japan, decorating iPhone or any mobile cases are one of the famous hobby in every Japanese artists. They proffer courses for decorating using rhinestones, etc. As far as I know, they also have School for Arts that is all about Decorating. But the possibility it will cost you a lot of money; but the good side about taking courses or classes, you can possibly one of their partner like instance they have deco shop and they will offer you a business such you will become their designer and they are the seller (your handmade at their shop), of course the profits will be depends on the contract you will gonna have. 
But if there’s nothing proffer going on. Still it’s a big advantage in every Artist. Why? 
Just think the country or word “Japan”; for me, living here is not so easy especially If you are not a Japanese or simply they called it “Gaijin” (or other race). The cost of living are too much high; I would rather say everything you buy are in peak. For them, 1000yen are cheap but as for me I guess not. Have you heard the 100yen shop or the Daiso or now it is called Seiri; that everything price are only in 100yen but you will find some price that range to 200 to 400, well it depends on the type of the item you gonna bought. It is darling for me, It’s like a lure of fantasy. You can also buy crafts or stuff that you can used in Decorating. And now what’s my point? Every artist here are like a gold. Having courses or not, you are in a piquant on the eye of every artist and yes the buyers. And another why? For them, HANDMADE are most “takai”(expensive) to sell. Maybe it’s like your own sweat and blood, by not using a super machine without the help of other people or worker but only your hand, your own idea, your design and tools that might help you. Imagine that you created a clock of deco suite, they or you can sell it in a 10,000yen or more than that. If we convert it into a dollar, you make a profit of $128 US dollar. Well not all artist are successful, and I’m one of it but I’m eagerly to become one. Not famous, but making money for living. 
Meet my Hello kitty case. When I first saw it, I said “Woah! it’s kawaii~” and then I touched it, Oh my I’m afraid to used it; maybe because I don’t wanna ruin the decoration, since it’s rhinestones sometimes they peel off easily. I salute the one who made this, she had a lot of patience doing this little by little. 
Before my mom go home in the Philippines, I gave her some bucks to pay for my orders that I had. And what is it? It’s an oven baked clay again, look at the image below. I bought or ordered it to my friend and she’s like my eldest sister named Peach. She’s the owner of NENDO Polyclay, she sell it through online. Many Clay Artist in the Philippines are using Nendo brand. Since it’s my first time to use her clay, I am so excited like a kiddo. I just adore the colors of her clay. I wonder what design I am gonna make for this. I recommend to visit her Facebook and inquire about her clay. 

And finally, I also get my Six (6) donuts from my co-artists at CFSPH or also called Clay Friends Society Philippines. Each donut are made from different clay artist. Remember the donuts I made for my first ever swap; and now here’s the donuts I received for the swapping activity that we had.

They are so cute. I want to make something in this donuts that will result on more than display thingy.

At the top (left); made by THE JOYFUL CRAFTER; CRAFTY CB; and INSPIRED and GUIDED
At the bottom; made by LEAH LAZARTE SAVERES ; SUGAR N’ SPICE ; and lastly made by ANGEL CLAY.
And I also get this strawberry cupcake that I request to my sexy friend Cherry also known as Crafty CB. 
Thank you so much! I super love it! I’ll keep this for real. 

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