Jingle Ornament Challenge

(I know this post are so-so..sooo.. late! Haha! But please pardon me; hopefully this post 
will inspire each people who loves handmade ornaments especially Christmas.)

This is my humble handmade entry for Jingle Ornaments challenge at Art Nouveau Philippines. I used styro-ball and a plastic christmas ball to make my jingle ornament. My thoughts and imaginations wanted to explode cos I don’t have great ideas on making my ornament though I have my materials I just really don’t know what would be the finale designs. 

So I just get my thingy on my working desks, and start creating the ornaments, then my first ornament turns into a shades of yellow with the green grass effects on the top with some red flowers; Second turns into a simple crusty ornament with red ribbon; the Third one becomes a See-through reddish galaxy with golden wire; Fourth one turns into a sweetie-licious ornament filled of chocolate icing, biscuits and ice cream; and the last one turns into Vines of love.

And I guess that’s the spirit of Christmas that your handmade turns into a wonderful and merry one.

I’d also like to share and introduce the other ornaments entries of my co-artist in Art Nouveau Ph with their very lovely handmade ornaments with their own description.


“I really want to make the ornaments with a styro-ball but unfortunately all stocks at NBS were sold out, so I made a few out of a flat round wood cabs I have in my stash. 

Merry Christmas! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

“I decided to make something that is not a round shape for them to stand out once it’s situate on a Christmas tree. I just use some scrap clays and varnish it with an antiquing technique. I also made a wish-list Ornament and a Mr & Mrs. Santa Clause.. Merry Christmas everyone! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

Cherry of CRAFTY CB

” I used crumpled tin foil to make it light weight… All made of polymer clay… My favorite is the Christmas scene… I enjoyed making the very small details…”

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by 


” I wanted to make something that will make my kids love it. And wah lah! They loved it. And wanted me to do more.

The idea came from my youngest who loves to eat cakes and likes watching Word Wold at Disney Junior. And the green one is my own idea. The color symbolizes self-respect and well being. It also means learning, growth and harmony which I think reflects my personality 🙂

Seeing these ornaments hanging in the living room makes me smile knowing that despite of our situation, with my own hands, I can make our Christmas as joyful as ever. Feliz Navidad mi amigas! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by KLEYMEYT

“A delightful handmade ornaments for everyone. 

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by


” I made a Yummy Christmas-themed cupcakes made of polymer and liquid clay 🙂 (They’re not edile though!)

They can be hung on your Christmas tree (I’ll add strings) or just as display figures. “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

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