DIY: Recycling Moments

One day we bought a box of Aquarius which is like a water or an energy drink and a Coca-cola soft drink; a 2Liter in size that looks like a voluptuous woman.
And then suddenly “Recycled” just cross into my mind. I told to myself once the bottle are empty I’ll think something that I can possibly use for my stuff.
So the bottle are empty. I thoroughly washed it, pouring some detergent inside the bottle, re-capping to close, then I shaked it upside down so it will wash the whole body. Since it’s not easy to take away the detergent bubbles, I just leave the running water dripping to the mouth so the bubbles will go up and gone.
Here’s what I had in mind; I’d like to make a lamp on the top and a container with the bottom. But the result, I only just made the container. Since I don’t have enough materials for the lamp, I’ll skipped to it but once I have the materials like the bulb, I’ll sort it again.
I was in-love with her body by being transparent, the color will stays and leave it as transparent. Maybe because I wanted to see my stuff that I am gonna put on my recycled container.
Look what I did. This is the result, simple but useful. I situated my scissors, cutter, little roller, deco pen, and more on deco whip and sauce; and Tadah~! I had my own stuff container. So here’s the images for the step.

STEP ONE: Make a line on the bottom           STEP TWO: Carefully cut it with cutter.
                                           of empty bottle.
STEP THREE: Prepare your chosen fabric;     STEP FOUR: Place it at the top and wrap it
          Make sure to size your fabric before you                                            and glue the fabric end.
                                               cut and fold it into a half.
STEP FIVE: Ready your desired ribbon;           STEP SIX: After wrapping the ribbon,
wrapped it and then glue.                       cut those excess and stick it again.

STEP SEVEN: Have another ribbon                       STEP EIGHT: Paste it at the center.

                                             and make a loop like this.

STEP NINE: Make your own design.                                               STEP TEN: And here it is,
 I have colorful balls and I stick it                                                        Simplicity at her best.
                                 one by one to become a flower.
I just hope I have shared some recycling moments. Don’t fear to make your own.
Everyone can recycled. Anyone can be artistic.

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