New Pursuit.


I have a new pursuit to hone and to be hooked with; and it’s making a Wood Crafts. When I was still in the Philippines, I do really wanted to make a wood crafts but sad to say I can’t find a good materials for making a wood thingy so I can’t pursue on creating some stuff.

And then voilà~! It is my lucky day when I went to shop for some groceries and I saw a wood materials section. Of  course, I am so animated looking for something I can use on making my first wood crafts. 

And here’s the materials that I bought; (a) plywood sheet (b) round wood stick (c) hobby saw and (d) metal hang fittings 

I always envious seeing images of a wall rack ribbon and I know it was made of a professional maker that can buy at Interior Home Depot. And now I am gonna make my own wall rack ribbon “Yiheee..” though I don’t have much materials for wood crafting maybe I can still make a way to create my new pursuits. 

Since I dont’ have a wood drill I just  used my screw driver to make a hole.  I need to use a tape measure, ruler and pencil to create a guides. 

Look at the second hole, that’s my first ever try screwing the wood, not a perfect one. So I also used the wood carving to sharpen the hole and a sand paper to smoothen the edges. 

And Hell Yeah! My hands are so freaking hurt but I love making it so I guess it is worth the pain. 

I also used the hobby saw to cut some excess edges and the wood stick as well. Sawing the wood are not that easy, I need to brew my stamina and focused on the guide lines or else it will be worse. 

I have my wood glue so I glued the sides. I wait for a matter of minutes or almost hours to dry and stick the wood permanently. 

And then I situated the round wood stick one by one. I don’t have a wood paint but I wish I had so I can paint it or varnish my rack, in the end, the wood simplicity stays. 

Besides I am so thrilled to situate my ribbons and sightsee it in my wall. 

It’s like I am so excited I just can’t hide it! lol.

I prepared my ribbons to situate it on my new wall rack and Oh-em-gee! She’s so Beaut! I am so happy with the outcome of my first wood craft and I can’t wait for my next wood crafts to make, but If ever I am gonna make again, It will be a “mini cabinets”; it’s on my wood crafts lists. Hehe! 

I am also thinking to make another wall rack ribbon but with a varnish or a wall-sticker-design-paper but It will be on my SALE section. Yeah I am planning to sell it and hope it will works. A Big G-luckies for me! 

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