Tips: How to avoid extremely dirty or avoid problems using your Clay Pasta Machine~

Are you tired cleaning or having problem using your clay pasta machine?
If yes. Don’t worry you’re not alone, ME too hehe! Well I am tired cleaning my PM especially when I needed it to used with multiple or individual colors and some of your clay sheets will results with patches or some dusty clay that sticks on your machine that possible to stick on your next roll clay sheet, so frustrating right?! So here’s what I experiment in different kind or types of Clay.

Materials I used:
Amaco Clay Machine
Clay such as (Paper Clay, Air Dry Clay, Oven-baked clay)
Plastic and;
Tracing Paper

Tips on buying a Pasta Machine: Make sure that it has an adjustable sizes for thickness, look at the adjustable wheel on the image; #9 is the widest and #1 is the super thinnest sheet you can make. I used Amaco Clay Machine, but you can use any Pasta Machine you like.


I’d like to experiment first in Paper Clay. Paper clay is a super soft clay, no pain at all. This is my favourite paper clay brand, Fuwa-Fuwa Kutsuwa. Of course just pinch or pick your chosen paper clay first.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.56.53 PM

Here’s another experiment using a Tracing paper:

Just repeat or copy the steps above. I tried to roll it all at once and here’s what it looks like (image below). At first, I didn’t used powder, but because the polymer clay got sticked in the tracing paper so I tried to put a powder on a tracing paper for polymer clay type, and finally it really works well! No need to use powder for paper and air dry clay type.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.00.02 PM
Hope that my experimental tips are very helpful to be use on your next craftiness. Good luck~! Keep your pasta machine clean!

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