Who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of beauteous flowers, with an eye-catching patterns and festive colors everywhere. It’s like a wonderland of beauty that never fades, or a peaceful paradise that makes you sing a song, “I see trees and green. Red roses too.., I see them bloom..” and yeah indeed a wonderful world. (Did you feel the rhythm? Haha!)

As they say every spring, or “Kamu no Sato Rokutan” is the most emotional season to Japanese people and tulips are one of the greatest spring popular attraction. My dear friend or my big sister from another mother, “Ateng Mhar”, invites me to go to the Town of Sera, that locates in the center of Hiroshima prefecture and where many farm of flowers sited, and one of them are the Sera Kogen Farm

Early in the morning, I prepared our ‘bento‘ or our lunch boxes though there’s a restaurant inside the farm, but instead we prefer not to go with the flow of people traffic in buying a food. We drove 38-40km, almost one hour long drive, including the zigzag roads that make us dizzy but I guess every first time adventure was absolutely worth the effort.

The kids enjoyed the sight-seeing blooming flowers, wandering and running through the fields of flower pattern. I, myself with a bump of 6 months, feel overjoyed and amazed seeing a swathes after swathes of colorful wonderful tulips. We ate under the greenery huge trees with the scent of refreshing nature, and it’s heartily a beautiful scenery. Of course, our “selfies” are one of the highlights, just keeping a tons of memories.

The Sera farm offer an activities, I don’t know what it’s called but you need to pay ¥300-500 for the plastic and little shovel that you’ll use for getting the tulip that you’d like to take home and plant in your own garden. Our road to Sera Farm were truly amazing & breathtaking.

If you’d like to visit or travel in the land of Sera Town, here’s a detailed information that you might need.

When: Usually open or blooms in the month of April to May
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00
Entrance fee: Adults 800 yen, 4-year-old elementary school students – 400 yen (15 people or more will have discount)
Parking Lot: 1,000 (free) Coach Allowed
※ offers stroller, disabled toilet
※ pets allowed
※ you can bring lunch, but you need to take home your trash

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