DIY: A Gallery Wall with Purpose

I’d like to share a simple DIY or Do It Yourself activity. Okay, let’s make a wall deco with quotes and you will love this for sure.  It’s an easy-makey and fun to make. All you need is to prepare the required materials and your little precious time.

(your prefer) Quotes / Images
Blank Band Paper or Photo paper
Styrofoam board
Glue stick
Sealer Gloss
Cutter and brush
Double side tape
Thumb tacks
 First look and prepare your prefer quotes that you’d like to print. Images and photos of yourself are also great for wall deco.
(What I made is a God’s inspirational quotes, so I googled and print it.)
And oh don’t forget to resize the images that you’ll print just to make sure that their size are equally the same. (but of course it’ll depend on your own gallery wall that you’d like to make.)
                After printing, cut your quotes or images and glued it with your styrofoam board. Use a cutter to trim the styrofoam.
Now it’s time to put some varnish. I used Padico Sealer semi gloss, but you can use mod podge as well or any sealer that will give shiny, shimmery and protection to the images.
 This how it looks likes when sealer gloss are already put-in, so shiny just like a photo paper.
After drying, at the back of the images or styrofoam, use a double side tape to put or stick it on your wall or you use a thumb tacks as well and put a double side tape on it and then there you go, you have your own gallery wall. Good-luck and have fun~!

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