Late post: First Bazaar

I’m a busy-bee ever!!! and that’s why hello again blog and my fellow bloggers out there!
Participating in a bazaar was a good and gleeful experience. Let’s talk about the feelings I’ve felt. Well it was really exciting but nervous, because it’s my first ever bazaar and it’s like questioning myself ‘oohh..what to do?’, ‘what to sell?’ etc.; of course busyness & challenging, need to overworked and finish all the handmade that I’ll sell (imagine the time that I’ve spent to my working table and my butt to seat-in, ugh! kinda hurts.); and yeah exhausted but perfectly overwhelming. It was held in Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan. It’s a bazaar project of Mihara Catholic Church. Thanks to Father Arnaldo and my friends for supporting me.

I sell my handmade bracelets, necklaces, other accessories and mostly deco sweets. I also prepared a D.I.Y activities such as designing their own frame, ball-pen and keychain as well. Mostly kids are the target of this activities and I didn’t failed, all the kids enjoy and love making their own handmade deco sweets.

I don’t have much photos but here’s what and how they looks like. A pretty sweet and joyous moment! ❤

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