After five years of trying to conceive, carefully bearing 36 weeks and gave birth in the month of August day 3. I can finally glimpse, listen and touch everything about him, a new member of the family, my sweet number two, and yes I finally have a son.

We named him Grey Avery“, I’m guessing that you might have an idea where we get his name. Yeah I know, some are asking me If we named him through Fifty shades of Grey, or the hottie Christian Grey.

I indeed adore Mr. Grey (Sino ba naman ayaw kay Christian Grey! haha!) but actually we get it from the TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, my husband and I are so hooked watching the series, not only because the characters and plots are truly amazing and interesting but also because we’re both relates or interested in science, the operating room, the setting, and of course the emergency rush. We have great fondness to Meredith character and I’m the one who insist that Avery will be his second name from Dr. Jackson Avery, sugar crush. Haha!

My little shades of Grey are too adorable and a cry-baby. He was born on August 3 at exactly 3:33 in the morning, so much three right? I’ve found out that three is the first number to which the meaning “all” was given; It might means heaven, earth and water; or it is a human body, soul and spirit. The number (3) three also resonates joy, brave, inspiration and creativity. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

It was my first time giving birth in the land of rising sun, Japan. It was a huge clinic for pregnant mothers their delivery room is so private and it doesn’t look like a DR but more look-like your own private room including music, sofa or couch, table, shower or toilet room and of course your bed that’s actually your birthing bed as well. And It’s also hajimete that my husband was on my side watching me laboring and holding my hand supporting or cheering “konti na lang! kaya mo yan!” while me having a hard time delivering my son and keep shouting out loud on them.

I might say that their clinic are such a high maintenance, great ambiance, excellent on delivering a baby but there is one thing that I don’t like or hate about that clinic and that is the doctor and nurses behavior or attitude which is very unprofessional and so much discrimination. How I wish I have enough stamina on the day I am about to give birth just to tell them that they’re very unprofessional and disrespect me as their patient. I’m just glad and thankful that God gave me so much patience and not think about negative vibes but to focus on the special gift he bestowed on me, and that is my little shades of Grey.

Oh hello little Grey. He’s adorable isn’t it?

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