DIY Friday: Little Desk Organizer

Owhkey! It’s DIY Friday!  Let me share another recycled treasure. I created this for my little princess named Phoebe. I’d like to surprise her (cause she always love surprises) and can’t wait to see her adorable smile and the sparks in her eyes, of course her sweet “thank you” and lovely kisses she’ll give. She had this so called “Little Desk”, where she always drew and paints. It’s just an empty little desk, simple and unembellished, so I decided to make her a little desk organizer; just to fill the emptiness into fancy one.

I always have tons of empty boxes of detergent, milk carton and tissue paper roll, etc. I collected it until I can make a beautiful desk organizer. From detergent boxes, turn into a desk book organizer, where she can situate her little reading books & other stuff; from tissue paper roll turn into a pen organizer, and the chocolate box, I just use it as a base of the tissue to support the things that will put in. Once the empty boxes and tissue roll are clean, cut and smooth, all you need to do is wrap the boxes with origami stylish paper or deco wall sticker paper (which I use) but any kind of paper you prefer is fine, and use ribbon or any deco for embellishing your desk organizer. And there you have it, another cute and dazzling DIY desk organizer.


Here’s the BEFORE & AFTER; From TRASH to TREASURE, Little Desk Organizer.                                    

What you need? (Materials used)

  • Tissue paper roll (toilet paper)
  • Detergent box
  • Chocolate box

For Decoration: 

  • Origami paper (you can use any paper or specialty paper or even fabric)
  • Fabric tape ribbon
  • Deco wall sticker paper
  • Glue / Double-side tape
  • Scissor

2 thoughts on “DIY Friday: Little Desk Organizer

  1. Another awesome tutorial from my shobe girl… talagang from trash to treasure! I also love to collect tissue paper rolls hahaha. There’s just so many things you can do out of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankie~! πŸ˜† Yes! From trash to treasure because every trash have treasure. Oo nga super dame and napupuno din kasi ako ng tissue paper rolls kaya ginawan ko ng paraan hehe 😁


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