DIY Friday: Making a DIY-ísh Fabric Mannequin

Hiyeee~! It’s DIY Friday again. Are you ready for making a DIY-ish Fabric Mannequin? So let’s get started. This design idea started when I begin to hooked on sewing and making a tutu skirt & dresses. Of course, It is more catching and enchanting If I have a torso mannequin to display my handmade dresses. I actually wanted to purchase a kids torso mannequin at online market, the designs are very pleasing & fascinating but the prices are way too expensive (but I guess, it’s worth it as well), It will costs me from $41 to $100. + the shipping. And then my crafty mind begins to shine, so I decided to tackle making my own DIY-ish mannequin, cheapo but pretty simple & nifty.

I went to Daiso, the lure of some cheapo crafts materials and anything you might need in your household. It’s a shop that sells a wide variety of Japanese products which will costs ¥108 ($0.90) per or each item. I patiently seek and picked for the mannequin materials that I’ll create. I just bought a fabric jeans type, cotton filling and the umbrella stand that I’ve found, so it only costs me $2.58, so cheapo isn’t it?

I have these empty tulle roll and a broken dustpan, I used them to build and embellished my DIY-ish mannequin. (a) For the empty tulle roll, I used it as the neck of the torso (If you don’t have any tulle roll, you can use the empty tissue paper roll and wrapped it with fabric); (b) the broken dustpan, I removed the holder of the dustpan to use as the holder of the fabric torso. (c) I also used the old onesie baby clothes to create a body pattern. You can work with any clothes that you’d like and cut it out (see the image below). (d) I sewed it on a sewing machine (but it is not necessary, you can always hand-sew it.) Just sew along all of the edges (remember to use marker and pins for guides), except the neck and bottom body torso.  You’ll need to leave that open to turn it right side out  (e) and then filled it with cotton until it’ll perfectly shaped. (f) Don’t forget to put the dustpan holder at the center of the fabric mannequin, (g) after that you can sew or glue the bottom & neck as well, embellished it with ribbon. (h) The umbrella stand are the final touch of the mannequin, it’ll be use as the stand, the dustpan holder fits on the hole, I just leave it as open or not glued on it, so it’s easy to place or dress-up the mannequin with the tutu dresses. (If you can’t find any umbrella stand like mine, you can use or look for any resourceful things that you can use as the mannequin stand).

Hope to see your DIY-ish fabric mannequin and share it with me and I’ll definitely featured it. 😘 Well, I hope you have been inspired today! Have a happy DIY-ish Friday! ❤




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