As expected, God is full of surprises and in the end it’ll always give you the sweetest smile to wear in your beautiful faces. We didn’t expect that God will give us another blessing, a new love, and another added to the Fronda’s family.

  I know, I know it’s been 3 months since I gave birth to my second child Grey, not too long and yeah so early, and that’s when I notice that I’m preggy again but how could we spurn such great love, a God’s lagniappe. I admit, I’m frightened, jumpy and even doubted it at first, because I really don’t know what to do, thoughtfully asking myself, “Kaya ko ba?”, keep catechizing my hubby “Kayanin ba natin?”, praying and asking for guidance, telling him, if these is your plans so let it be and we will be happy to received it. 

  It’s difficult for me since managing our household & taking care of my children are my entire duties, all alone while my hubby is busy working but still he manage to watch-out for me. I was working then but need to resign because I don’t think my body will handle it, for sure I’ll be exhausted and expect more sleepless nights, so means it’s another year that I’ll be jobless but I guess that’ll be fine because I know I’ve been blessed.

  I decided not to tell or share the news of my pregnancy to everyone but privately to the family of mine, my in-laws and some of my dearest friend I trust, since I’m not in the Philippines, no one will notice my figure and my bumpy tummy. It’s not that I wanted  to keep it or to make other surprises, but my only reason not to share it was because I’d like to focus on my dearest second child, or my son Grey. Maybe I don’t like attentions, ang arte diba?, siguro gusto ko lang makita nila or namnamin ko ang pag-aalaga kay Grey then saka ko paghandaan kung paano i-handle ang dalawang baby. 

  Nine (9) months bearing my new love in my womb was great uphill, challenging and absolutely amazing experience. My expected date of delivery are around first or second week of July, yey my birth month. I did wish to delivered my new little girl on the day of my birthday but I don’t think it’ll happen. On the day of my birthday, I celebrated it with my family, a simple lunch in the restaurant, after that I wandered & went to my friends whose also celebrating birthday. I have fun and I think I over exhausted myself. On the next day, early in the morning I feel pained, and I am so sure that I’m about to give birth. I’m nervous and panicking, imagine how I am resisting the pain I am going through every minute, repeatedly wandering in every corner of our room, when the pain becomes stronger I stopped walking then I called my mother right away, unfortunately my husband was at work, my only company in our house was my two children, I’m worried about them especially Grey, he still needs strict attention. 

  After 20 minutes of waiting, my mom’s arrived. It was her (mom) first time to seeing me in labor and about to give birth, she wasn’t there before because she’s too far away from me. She drove me to the hospital and how amazingly seeing my mother’s reactions or her panicking emotions, I just can’t laugh at her cos I’m in pained. 

  I did practice lamaze breathing exercises because it is arduous to maintain the sense of calm. When I was lying on a laboring room, midwiferies and doctor are busy advising me to carefully push, maybe about 2-3 pushes later, my little girl Naomi was finally out of my womb. It took me five minutes, it was a quick one even the attending and my family was amazed how my child comes out that fast.

 The Kosei Byoin (Hospital) are huge and have great ambience. I have my cozy private room, everything is there, foods are served, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. They’ll ask you first If you have allergies or any dislikes on any food, of course it’ll be Japanese style. Nurses will carefully check on you, giving medications, and communicating too. I have breastfeeding schedule, every 3-4 hours, even early in the morning. They implementing breastfeeding practices, no formula allowed. I have to go to the breastfeeding room with other mommies, before we breastfed our babies we need to perform hand-washing first then check the diaper If needs to be change, then we will weigh their weight and write it down to their record system then breastfeeding. For the first time mommies, the midwifes teaching them how to latch and breastfed their babies properly. It took us 30 minutes in the breastfeeding room, after breastfeeding you need to weigh your baby again then write it down to see if there’s any changes on the weight, means the baby effectively received the mommies milk. After that you need to check their diaper again just to make sure. I spent five more minutes to the room just to breast pump to collect extra-milk for my little girl, then they’ll keep it in the fridge with your name on it. There is no rooming-in in the hospital, unlike before at Nanba’s clinic, where Grey was born, the baby can sleep on your room. At the Kousei Hospital, they don’t advised to room-in the babies because they don’t like to risks their health or expose in any possible infections, I only need to go out in my room and glimpse in the babies window room. 

  In the hospital, you’ll stay at maximum in one week depends If there’s any problem occur. But when I’m near about to discharge, they told me that little Naomi needs to stay maybe 3 days to 1 week, because the yellowish in her eyes or they called it jaundice are still high in bilirubin so they still need to monitor her health. I feel sad because I’ll go home without her, but in two days after my discharge, the hospital called us that Naomi can go home. It was a deep sighed, and finally she can be with us at home. 

  I am so grateful with my husband for taking care of me, of course he was on work leave. He can’t stay with me on the hospital because my eldest daughter Phoebe needs to go to school so he needs to take care of it and thankful to my mom because she volunteered to take care of my son Grey. Of course, to my dearest friend who effortlessly visit me and see my new child, thanks for being there and those precious gifts. 

  I thank God for guiding us, for being healthy and making everything’s fine. I know it’s another journey of my life, a life of being a mom, a parent and a wife as well. I don’t know how to begin or will I survive or carry all the responsibilities on my shoulder but i keep praying to our dear O, Lord, that he may continue to guide us, remind me how blessed I am, make me brave and healthy and help us live long, happy, finely and peacefully. 

  We named her Naomi Xena, Naomi is Hebrew origin meaning pleasantness, beautiful and delightful while Xena origin is Greek means welcoming, hospitable or some says a “warrior princess”. The Xena name was a combination from my two granny’s name.

So hello and welcome to the world my new little sweetie Nami or Nana, that’s what I’d like to call her. 

And then super wonder mommy begins…


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