Yey! After (7) seven years, we finally made it to travel and come back home for a one month vacay in the Philippines, sabi nga nila “There’s no place like home.”  and indeed it is. We planned the trip for so long but it’ll be a little bit surprise to my in-laws, where we decided to stay . It’s thrilling to see their reactions if they see their apo’s for the first time especially the two bulilits.

So the day comes, I even posted a facebook live while on the train going to Kansai Airport but the post titled are something twist so that my in laws will not be suspicious and yet the journey continues. We booked and fly with Jetstar airline, well it’s one of the cheapest flights aside from Cebu Pacific + we’ve been rewarded to spend our waiting hours to a VIP lounge, a great ambiance with over looking airplane runway + food deli to eat and kids can even spent their time on coloring books. ‘cors got coffee, sushi, coffee and dessert.

When we’re about to land in Manila Airport, It feels like my heart will fall while the airplane was landing para kaming nasa rides, scary! ramdam mo talaga and those people shouts makes you more nervous haha! Anyways, we landed safe naman.

We spend our night to Mamu’s house and tomorrow will be full of surprises. First surprise are for my father who’s having a birthday, well he knows that we’re going home but he doesn’t even know that he’ll be having a surprise simple party. I already reserved a restaurant near Trinoma with limited guests only.

So tomorrow comes, it’s my first time to ride an ordinary taxi again since I’m not used or familiar with Uber or Grab, so we grab a taxi. I would say same old same old, Taxi driver are still scary when driving, are the air-con exist or not? okay, what’s new right?

We’ve spent hours celebrating my Papa’s birthday at Peach Blossoms with the help of my Tita Bheng and cousin Vic. I wish I make him happy with a little surprises and everything. After the party, we went home to get our things and time to surprise my in-laws. My brother in-laws knew we’re coming and he’s the one who will open the gate for us so we can finally surprise them. And when we’re finally inside the house, oh my, my mother in-law shouted so loud and I’m so glad seeing how happy they are, and then we went to Fisher-mall for our first dinner together.

And that’s it, our very first day in Pinas. I guess more to kwento to come.


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