When you came back home for so long and missed being with them, all you wanna do is sketched a plan of indelible get-together with those special old and new in your life. And definitely a big oh YES, it is one of my check lists so that’s what I really did. Of course, not everyone can possibly met and bond ‘cos they might be busy and too far I guess however I’ll be glad and thankful for those being in it, and that makes my day special. 


It’s been so long since we have this kind of moment and indeed I am glad to bond with them again. We’ve met at Fisher Mall and having lunched at Gerry’s Grill. It was a leisurely lunch with bunch of chit-chat and laughter. It’s our first time to get together with pampering ourselves in a nail salon and never ending kwento’s that those kwento made me astonished. Haha!

Thank you cousin Ana and Kaye for the precious given time and I really have a wonderful day, and I’m sure this’ll not be the last pamper we will do.


Oh my It’s been a decade since we’ve met and talk personally. I just can’t help how happy I am to be with them even it’s a clicked time. I wish someday we can have more time to spent our friendship day together and apologies for being way too late however I am truly grateful to be with you guys. We eat happily at Friday’s and seriously chit-chat those memories we had together back in high-school days. Ugh! I missed you Ever Girlfriends Kath, April and Jen. Thank you for the wonderful time.


A naughty day with naughty friends Eric and Nhikka. A day without naughty laughter will never be an overwhelming day.

We love being bullies to each other but those kind of bully that we’re not being physically and emotionally hurt but just having bursts of laughter. Being with them are one of a hell damn ride. We spent eating together with my husband and kids and even spent their time playing with my kiddos.


My vacation will never be complete without seeing Achi Peachy. Gosh! You’ve been more enchanting since the last day we’ve met. I am so delighted to see and be with you again. I never imagined how our friendship becomes much deeper and grows beautifully and I am thankful for being your friend. I’ve learned that a strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, or always togetherness, as long as the relationships lives in the heart and treasure it whenever or wherever we goes.

We spent our day driving around because Achi is a good driver haha! and then she introduce her/their astonishing coffee shop named Neighborhood Game Cafe. They have great ambiance, very cosy, foods and drinks are mouth-watering and playful because you can play games while having your favorite coffee, whatever you prefer, just look around on their games shelves and chose what your into.

Achi Peachy and I have tons of games we’ve played and it was superb, that mad dog, monkeys, and balloons etc. are fun to play. Got my butter beer frappe and it’s indeed deliciously awesome and their spicy chicken are my favorite, shooook! it’s yummey! So for those who loves coffee and games, I highly recommend to try and visit the Neighborhood Game Cafe at Ubay St. Banawe, Quezon City.

Thankie Ach for being there and being my friend. I’ll treasure it & hope to see you again.


We decided to met at SM North The Block. We’re not complete though but I am grateful for their efforts especially Anne who travel from Pampanga to Manila and the family of Jana whose currently pregnant but still love to meet me. We dine at Grind Burger. I finally met my ‘inaanak’ Dane, she’s so adorable and very talkative. I enjoyed our story back then, of course it’ll never be completed without “asaran” and those past moments we had. I just hope we have so much time to chit-chat and hopefully that “next time” we will gather, the antukinz friendships are complete, no more excuses again haha! Thanks for the J.Co donuts Anne, it’s my first J.Co I  ever had.


I can’t believe I am with you. Oh Owen! my favorite childhood friend or classmate in elementary. How time flies so fast ano? Gano na ba katagal tayong hindi nagkikita? But anyways, I am supreme happy that I have this moment with you and this’ll not be the last. I remember those days we had, you are born beauty queen and still you are. I remember the day when you sleep-over in our house for a weeks and those days that we became close like sisters. And when I heard your laughed, Oh G! Owen still Owen and I miss that! Mama missed you as well. Thank for the treat at Pedro N’ Coi Fisher Mall.  I hope next time marami-rami na tayong nagkukulitan. I love you Beb!


I met a lot of new friend and a friends of my husband as well. But these bubbly and candid girl I met at cake workshop I attended really amazed me. We met at cake workshop of Chef Ave, we are both students of her. I waited in the entrance at Fairview terraces mall since it was too early and the mall are not open yet. I’m not quite sure where the workshop will be held because it is my first time being there, (para akong probinsyanang bagong luwas) haha! but I saw these adorable girl at the entrance as well and she had a cake box in her hand, so I think maybe she’ll also attend the workshop then I approach her and greet, and yes! finally she is and that’s when we started to have bunch of chit-chat and secret conversation lol.

We exchange numbers and add our personal Facebook too. She’s a great cake artist. I love her works, you might visit her page shop at Sheryberry Sweet Cakes and get ready to adore her lovely cakes.  Then we decided to meet again and to have some eat-chat time and It was superb moments.  Thanks Shery!

One thought on “A DAY WITH OLD AND NEW

  1. Hello shobe! I can’t believe it took me years before I got to read this. I’m so touched. Indeed, friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, the important thing is it is treasured in the heart.

    I had so much fun that day. I’m sure we will again the next time we see each other. Always remember that I love you.

    Your blog is so pretty just like you! mwa!


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