Sometimes all we need is a break, so take it.

Just today, Monday, I can’t go to work because of my temperature is 37.5 degrees, I have no flu or anything, just lately I get easily tired maybe because I have no time to rest and sleeplessness but since there’s pandemic going on, I’m not allowed to go to work since our hospital rules are so strict. No matter I wanted to go, do my job, still they didn’t allow me to. Stay at home, taking meds and rest are all I need.

Taking a break are indeed excellent and ecstatic. I got a chance to take a great nap, since my two little ones are in the school and my baby Andre are in care of his uncle (just downstairs), and my eldest have her own world playing Nintendo switch.

Taking a break making me realize how much I lost opportunities. Opportunities to create the things I wanted to do like my every pieces of my passion, and definitely the opportunity to have a long bonding with my children, so I am grateful that today I have time to snooze off.

I got a chance to take a long sit on my gorgeous pink chair and busy typing on my white laptop while taking a sip on my favorite coffee. And while doing my pieces, my little baby Andre are also busy doing messing my craft things, and that moment are priceless.

We have to take chances on everything. See, my chances are not wasteful though I admit that one whole day is not enough, still it’s a great opportunity. So to those who are in a lockdown momento, take your chances to do your passion, do your rarely chores, give a little hand with your parents, make time with your family and yes take a good rest, because we badly need it.

Don’t waste your chances, sometimes all we need is a good damn break, so grab it.

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