Thought for Today: “We are one” in this COVID-19 battle.

In every corner of the world, we are fiercely facing fear and anxiety of this pandemic so called COVID-19. Just this Friday, we had the second case in Hiroshima City, located in Onomichi Town, where are town are almost 19 minutes by car. Am I scared? Surely YES. That man who got positive in COVID-19 just recently travel for business trip and came back in Japan, no symptoms at first then few days suddenly turn weak and become the second case of COVID-19 in our city. I’m freaking worried and scared because my mom and my father-in-law just got back from their travel in the Philippines, same airport where the man land to, but not the same flight or day, but still it scares me, that’s why we keep on praying for their continuously protection from this pandemic and each everyone of us.

Are we panicking? Yes, but not to the point that we had to hoard everything in the market. Japan got panic-buying in toilet tissue before, as in seriously? why? I don’t get the point, yes I know Japanese people maybe used to buy toilet tissue but come to think of it, mostly each house or even public toilet have high-tech toilet bowl like if you know what I mean, such having a washlet buttons for the front and back or even an air dryer when you’re done washing it, plus the toilet seat are warmer, that’s why I don’t understand why they need to be panicked over the toilet roll tissue but of course there are random reasons whys we will encounter online but really. Actually it started with an online post saying that toilet tissue will be out of shortages because it is also the same paper that uses in making masks. And yes definitely it’s a hoax, even the government says. That’s why shelves become empty, but definitely not today, thank God they come back to their senses. On times like this, we had to be wise on every second of our lives, make a lists like a number one priority.

Are we on lockdown? NO. There is no lockdown and quarantine here. Well school are still closed, but not the nursery school or day-care where all the working parents need to leave their child for a moment, just like me. It is arduous, because every second I am worried, that’s why sometimes I decided not to take them to school. I am working in the hospital that’s why my fear are getting worse, but I am doing my best to stay positive and have faith in God that everything will be okay soon. We are not on a community quarantine but we never get to travel, we avoid or minimize going on a crowded places, and we only stays in our town. Like home-work-home-and market then home, repeat the cycle, that’s the Japanese way. And yes, thoroughly practicing hand washing, gargling and do hand sanitizing inside or outside our home.

I heard that my beloved country, the Philippines was on a lockdown ordered by our President Duterte. Many people are against, more of them abide and understand the President ordered. But there are people who are so selfish, demanding and insensitive and lack of discipline. It was kind of sad seeing people or reading ugly and negative comments throughout this crisis. This pandemic is not-a-joke and never been from the very start. But why some people don’t get it, and not taking the precautions seriously. Are they waiting to make it much worse? Admit it, some people are very inconsiderate and hard-headed, even some in the government are abusing their power, only we can say to those idiotic and awful person is, “Oh What the f*ck is wrong with these people. Forgive them O’Lord.” President Duterte only wants us to cooperate and be considerate, in that way we also help him on fighting this novel coronavirus.

Just recently President Tatay Digong lend a noteworthy speech saying “We are all soldiers in this battle.” and “I solemnly urge everyone to pray to Almighty God who has the power to defeat every enemy.” And I also pray that my fellow Filipinos will cooperate, stop the hate, enough with your selfishness, start disciplining yourself, no more versus colors yellow or not, be responsible, and have faith in God.

Let’s start saving ourselves, your family, our dear country and the entire humanity. The solution in this problem will start on you, not your family, nor our President, or even military or health workers, it begins on you, only you. Because you know why, when you become infected, you’ll be alone, because you have to do self-quarantine, and I’m sure you don’t want to spread the virus with your love ones or any other person, so yes please the answer starts with you, cooperate and discipline yourself. Don’t wait until it’s too late, do the right actions.

Remember, “We are one” in this battle.

I remember watching videos on Facebook while on their lockdown, they started singing and playing different instrumentals through their veranda. It’s indeed overwhelming and amazing how people sharing their music, it’s like sending healing thoughts.

Day by day we see thousands of people who are infected of COVID-19. Some survives and mostly died. The world are in deep blues, but we need to be brave and spread healing thoughts. Let’s pray for the healing of the world and ask for forgiveness.

Let me share you a prayer, got this from

Divine Presence All That Is, Beloved Mother Beloved Father, Holy one, Hear our Prayer

Give us strength to meet what is before us with wisdom. Give us perseverance to the knowledge beyond all obstacles. Give us vision to see beyond the veil of misperception.

Eyes tell All.

Teach us how to look into each other soul to soul, divinity to divinity. Teach us to have tolerance, respect and care. Help us to have faith beyond faith. Help us regain our our noble

Heal our world. Transform our hearts. Pour your grace into our wounds. Reveal our hidden light that lost its way in the darkness. Retrieve this light. Bring us salvation.

With you we cannot fail.

Within us there are places of weakness and
places of pain that we are afraid to understand.
There are times where our loneliness shadows our ability to think and to love. Help us to heal those places within us. Help us to sooth those voices and those feelings of intolerance and shame. We are ready to receive your gift of Grace.

Beloved Presence

This world, asks too much. The clock never stops running. And, how is it that in 24 hours we experience killings and births and grief and jubilation and hell and heaven all at the same time through one giant eye.

What a paradox you have given us
this prison box of life. Or, are we the very prison
we are longing to be free of?

Take my hand and fly with me.
Your hand is all I ask for, rescue us
so I ask, where are you now as steel and titanium, uranium, and plutonium, fuses of sorrow lay waiting under the earth like the tulip bulbs of Easter spring.

Give us the strength to reach up,
just so slightly, and push our palms of need through the darkest soil of ignorance, lethargy and grief.

Yes, grief, as the monuments of mothers like mountains descend into the wailing streets. Lift my arm one more time because it has gotten to heavy to carry alone.

Shield us as we walk through the hurdling stones –
the bullets of loss, the ringing bells of retribution
the experiences of jubilation measured. in our
ability to become the rivers of what discouragement.
the rivers of exaltation forging new eddies into our mass resurrection the consciousness of reason failing.

Help me to be a guiding light
through the myriad of experiences in my world.


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