DIY Kid’s Table Makeover

Hey Hush Babies! Today is a busy Monday, and I’d like to share some Do-it-Yourself kids table makeover. Well, my kids love to doodle, color and paint, so I decided to makeover the old messy table turn into adorable kids table.

All the things or materials that I used in doing the table makeover are from Daiso Japan. I always recommend cheaper ones because it’s more handy, un-idealistic and invaluable but the most important part of this makeover is to make my kids happy.

Okay, here’s the materials that I used/bought:

  • Deco Sticker Wallpaper
  • Wire Hanging Net
  • Staple (fastener) use for tucking
  • Nylon binding band
  • Scissor and Hammer
  • Decorations such as: Pens, Glow-in the sark stars, Color Papers, Hanging organizers, Frames, Flowers


  • First, peeled off the old damage table wallpaper.
  • Of course, clean your old table first before putting your new deco wallpaper.
  • Prepare your chosen deco wallpaper and place it where you wanted to start, use a scraper tool that’ll help the wallpaper to become smooth and to avoid getting bubbles.
  • After, placing all the deco wallpaper on the table. Next, measure your table length before putting the wire hanging net.
  • Once you measured or fixed the exact length for the wire mesh, use the nylon binding band to joined them together. Cut the excess.
  • When the hanging net is joined, get your staple ready for sticking or tucking the wire net into the table. Make sure that the hanging wire mesh are not loose and shaken.
  • We’re almost done, after fixing the hanging wire mesh let’s do the decorations. I situated their color pens and papers and their names as well.
  • And Tada! That’s it!

Okay, by the way I will put the short video below on how I do the kids table makeover. Enjoy watching! I encourage everyone to makeover your kids table and put a priceless smile on their faces.

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