Freebies: Color Meaning Bookmark

Here’s a freebies to love~

oooh.. my mind is full of load to give freebies to print and cut out.
I made a bookmark, the theme ideas is a colored bookmark but instead of a simple plain colored, i added a meaning to them, i mean, the real color meaning.
Have fun using it!
(to download, click here >> Download)

(sample bookmark)

Basic Clay Workshop 103

(click image for full preview)


Meet my new two little sister and my friend Mr. Mike.F-U-N-! as always.. 🙂

To Mr. Mike, thanks much for our kwentuhan, i enjoyed. And I appreciate a lot for suggesting to make my website as one of your ads on your site. 🙂 Practice lang ng practice sir mike, make your imagination bold and wild, but still need a full of passion, at least the advantages is you also have business and you do really love arts.

To my two sisters, Feona and Faye, hehe 🙂 nakakatuwa kayong dalawa, pero you both creative kahit na you’re only 10 and 11 y/o. I thought talaga you’re a twin sister hehe 🙂 Just keep on practicing little sisters, and it’s a really good hobby until you get old. Malay mo kayo naman gagawa kay Mommy Fe ng mga like niya hehe 🙂Thanks thanks again, i have so much fun, hope i’ve shared a knowledge about clay crafting.If ever you have any question/s about clay, you can message me here or catch me in text/s.

Workshop 102: Cinderella Mommies

(click image for full preview)

It was a super workshop blast! 🙂 We started maybe at 230pm and we end our workshop in almost 12midnight.yay.. it was really a blast for us, but i’m sure even they’re tired, they also had fun learning something importance in clay crafting.well, i do hoping they’re enjoy my workshops because i do enjoy it for every minutes we have.

I called them a Cinderella Mommies, yeah, they both mommies, and kasali na din ako dun hehe 🙂I am so happy meeting them and sharing what I’ve known about clay crafting!i will surely miss our kwentuhan to the maxx level! 🙂

Thanks much Miss Donna Mae and Ivy, just keep on practicing and make your wild passion into real.Good luck for both of you sis! 🙂

yellow gold + white = sarah & denise wedding invites

Beh (sarah), ask me if i can make her wedding invitations, around 50 pieces.

And of course i say yes, why not! Their theme is yellow gold plus white as well. They pick / choose a style for their invites, then sarah said the deco will all up to me.
I really love the outcome of her invites, hope they will like it too, even it’s quite rush because they want the invitation a little bit asap.
Thanks beh and cheers to both of you! Wish you both happiness and may your love guide you to a successful married life. mwah! 🙂
Here’s a final outcome of their wedding invitation;

Meet with the professionals

One day, my friends say I should sign up or register in Model Mayhem, so I can find more people who are professional or maybe an XDEAL or a PAID deal session that i can join.

So rawr! I do sign up right away. It was’nt so easy to register, you’re description must be accurate and strict to their rules. When i already register, I did EXPLORE, UPLOAD IMAGE of my make up portfolio, TRY the STATUS, and MAKING FRIENDS.
They had casting there, so you can see who are in needs in Make Up Artist, oh well when i click the search, many professional is looking for make up artist, but of course more on XDEAL, but the good thing in XDEAL, first it makes you more challenge, second it will also increase your self confidence beyond your work, third having a benefits like the picture /images for your portfolio and lastly, you will meet professional strangers hehe and making friends with them. Is it good right?
Then, maybe a week past, some photographer message me If I am willing to have an XDEAL shoot, at first I am much excited, but when he said If it’s okay If the location is too far from me, I decided not to join, sigh. 😦
But, I saw a casting in Multiply as i remember, XDEAL, and the location is near from me, so I message Sir Carwei, so I ask if I can still join the XDEAL, and he replied yes, so we begin with exchanging messages and giving our numbers as well.
So Carwei, contact me for the schedule, the final venue and the theme for their shoot. It was a Glam and Fashion shoot. He give me PEGS so I can have an idea for the shoot.
So the day has come, nervous coz it was my first time to have work with them. I expected to be the model is Karen Bordador, an FHM Vixens, but when they arrived, they already three of them, Karen also join her friends in the shoot, why not, it would be more fun.
It was really tired day, I make up the three models in that day,but still I enjoying the essence of make up. I met the photographers, Sir Carwie, Lester (the one who ask me first in Model Mayhem), Marlowe and Lester wife, also the three models, Karen Bordador, FHM Vixens, her friends Charisse and Dottie.
When I saw the outcome of the shoot, my tiredness are gone, still OVERWHELMED and FULL. 🙂
Thanks much guys and I do had a great fun, Hoping for the next shoot. 🙂
Here some snapshot in our shoot;
MODEL: KAREN BORDADOR, FHM Vixens (on first two image)

Bonding with my Little Phoebe

(click image for full view)
It’s me and my Little Princess, Phoebe Gaile. Bonding with her, after my make up session.
True Mom Happiness is when you see your baby/child smile or you discover something to her/him like their new learning skill. And the most important to treasure are their pictures while they are still a tiny little one and keeping them on a special album just to remember the moments that we had.
we do love you so much Little Phoebe. Grow Healthy, Smart, Good, Sweet and God-fearing.

Make Up Session with Jackie Saberon

(click image for full preview)
Model: Jackie Saberon
Theme: Summer Outlook
Make Up Artist: Jein Fronda
Photographer: Jein Fronda
Venue: Swimming Pool at Capitol, Quezon City
It was an x-deal to Miss Jackie Saberon. It was a good one, since its also Summer.
After our make up session, we do swim also with my models, assistant and also my baby.

The AVANT GARDE session.

My first make up trial for an Avant Garde at Intramuros De Manila.
It is challenging, tired and fun.

Having a full of passion on my make up twists makes me feel so overwhelmed.
My model is my japs cousin. She says she want a different make up for the shoot, so I decided to make an Avant Garde style. 
Every time I had a make up session, I used my own imagination to make it fabulous even you are a professional make up artist, it is also important that you are also concerned about the clients suggestion, especially onn their wedding or debut or any events but depends, if the session has a theme.
Each day I am still learning and exploring for make up artistry and it was so much fun!
for more pictures of my make up, please visit me here; JEIN FRONDA, Make Up Artist
AVANT GARDE make up by me.
MODEL: Eaika

My hand keeps on saying, I WANT MORE! :)

Well, my hand keep on saying I want more! I want more! I want different/other craft creations like Polymer clay miniature. At first, I was keep on watching on Youtube, but I decided to attend a one-on-one basic workshop with Miss Pumpkin.

It was hard at first, but if you really want to learn and have a lot of passion on it, in the end you will really love it. Hard to shape for the first timer, but if you always try and practice more,sooner it would be easy to made a miniature.
Here is my creations that I made after my workshops without coating;
two couple faces oh~cutee baby!
kawai~sushi oreo cookie earrings
bottled up! bottled donut necklace


pinky swear ring
  “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” –Oscar Wilde

  Our love story is not an ordinary one but I think every ones love story are extraordinary in different ways. At first, It’s like me and him against the world. We’re strangers that met, became friends, love-struck, status: complicated then part ways and meet again. Why it feels like a drama-rama? Haha! Uh! Anyways..  Continue reading “WE BELONG”

Celebrating her Christening

Welcome to the Christian World our little princess Phoebe Gaile.
I was so happy seeing my high school friends again and my colleagues.
It was a wonderful day that god make us meet and celebrate for our precious little one.

They really had fun with the Photo Booth and yeah they enjoy the food too, because it’s an eat all you can restaurant at Cabalen, West Ave.

We love you my baby Phoebe Gaile. May the blessing and praise of God be with you always. ♥

A Very Special Day.

SAVE THE DATE! DEC. 05, 2009
God always had a plan to meet two person and
to bond as a husband and wife.
Even we had experiences good and bad times.
And a lot of sacrifices and consequences to face in our life.
Still, god has a plan to live happily ever after.
It’s our Wedding day.
Wedding, but not a Church Wedding, but a simple wedding as
Civil Wedding that can be remembered forever.

Baboy and I planned to have a civil wedding first before we will get married at church, our simply reason is we want to focused on our baby daughter needs, and her one and only baptismal events, because after our wedding, in a week will be her baptisms. That’s why we spent all the money that we had to her baptismal.

Our wedding is a really a busy day, specially us and my mom.

Our wedding held in our house, so everyone was there to witness and celebrate our very special day.

Civil wedding Ceremony begins, all you hear is the voice of reverent who’s giving a word of god and ceremony.

When the reverent say some funny message, we all laughed.
We don’t know if we are nervous or not, but maybe a bit because of the ambiance that surrounds us and of course we know this is the moment we are waiting for.

We started wearing the rings as a sign of our love and then the moment that we will kiss as a groom and bride.

And guess what? after we end kissing, they are shouted for more, and of course we did haha. 🙂

it was really an overwhelming day even it’s our simplest wedding day.

Thanks for those who attend & greets to our wedding day.
Thanks much for my mom and my parents in law.
And of course Thank you god, for this wonderful moment that you’ve given to us.

Here’s our sample souvenirs and wedding invites

The making of Phoebe’s Invitation

Yippee.. it’s my little angel Baptismal day! 🙂

Since, I am also making an invitation/s for any events, I really decided to make a baptismal invitation for my baby, Phoebe Gaile.
I was thinking for something unique but still cute for a little one. So, of course i prepare all the materials and I am making a cutee pocket fold invites for her;
  • Baby Pink card board paper with scent
  • white special paper with butterfly design
  • brown customize ribbon with Phoebe Gaile name.
  • Special Color Parchment paper
  • Glossy Photo paper for tag/s or picture
  • Picture/Image of Phoebe
  • Of course, Ruler
  • Cutter as well
  • Double sided tape
  • and Scissor with scallop design
It was really fun making an invitation especially when it comes to your love ones or special someone. Actually, her invitation/s is really hard to make, because it’s quite m
uch detailed and a little ambitious to perfection, hehe 🙂 but it’s worth creating it for my little angel.
So here’s a snap finish of my invites that I made for her. Hope you appreciate!


yay! our wedding would be on December 5, not an expensive or bonggacious wedding because it’s only our civil wedding in our home, the important is, this is our day, the day that we will cherish and share for the rest of our lives. sweetness! hehe! 🙂

anyways, i just want to share again my wedding invites that I made, a limited invites only. Only for my principal sponsors and my mother-in-law.

Our invites is very simple, and yeah it’s easy to made.

just type+print+cut+decorate+ and tsaran…! = i have a simplicity wedding invites.

Of course, I made it with full of love and effort.

Check Lists ✔

Here is my check list for our events that we will have this coming December.

Our Civil Wedding:
Final Date: December 5, 2009, Saturday.
Final Time: 5:00 PM
Principal Sponsors complete
Catering sponsors by our Grand Parents Jinky. 🙂
Souvenir / Favors
Wedding Dress / Formal Dress (both)
Wedding Invitation made by me.
Favorite Chocolate Mousse Cake bought.

Phoebe Gaile Baptismal:

Reception reserved @ Cabalen Restaurant in West Ave.
Final Date on December 10, 2009, Thursday.
Baptism Venue at Sta. Rita De Cascia Parish, Philam Homes QC.
Final Time: 10:30 in the morning
Grand Parents complete.
Phoebe Gaile’s Dress & shoe bought.
Baptismal Invitation done, made by me again. 🙂
Photo booth reserved at WackyPixx.
Baptismal souvenirs.
Thanks to sponsors; Mamu, Papa Hapon & Neng Xeit. 🙂

Lists Complete. 🙂



After 8 hours of laboring, she’s finally out of my womb. How perfectly amazing hearing the sounds of her first cry, a priceless glimpsed of her first smile and a wonderful sense of her first touch. It’s my first born child. I can’t help but cry, tears of overwhelming joy I guess. Continue reading “A SPECIAL KIND OF GIFT”

Meet Her.

Meet her, my pretty and fabulous baby.
Her name is Phoebe Gaile.
Baboy and I, was decided to name her as Phoebe Gaile.
Actually, Baboy and I really like the name Phoebe.
then I just add the name Gaile.
Her name has both meaning.
Phoebe derives as clear, pure and bright.
while, Gaile, means beauty or beautiful.
She’s indeed pretty like me. *laughs*
We still don’t have a nickname for her, maybe Phoebe or Gaile would be fine.
Happy 1st Month our Little Princess.

Her First Ever Video

♥ Our First Baby 4D Ultrasound Photo Slides ♥

She’s already 30 weeks and 3 days in this video and photo slides. Baboy (Aj ) and I went to SM San Lazaro just to have an 4D Ultrasound, their clinic named face2face.
Our baby are busy sleeping, and it’s quite so hard to see her full face because sometimes she’s hiding on my placenta or else her little feet and hands keeps on covering her face but at least she’s really moving lively.

Can’t wait to have you here baby. Be strong, we can do this.