DIY Kid’s Table Makeover

Hey Hush Babies! Today is a busy Monday, and I’d like to share some Do-it-Yourself kids table makeover. Well, my kids love to doodle, color and paint, so I decided to makeover the old messy table turn into adorable kids table.

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What it feels like to be suspected of COVID-19?

Hello amazing people! Do you remember my last post on this blog? If you read it, this is a continuation of it, if you don’t read it yet I leave the link here, but anyways you can skipped it if you’d like to.

On Friday, March 27, around 4:30 in the afternoon, we decided to go the hospital for check-up, then to our shocked I’ve been suspected of COVID-19 together with my brothers. Why? simply because of our symptoms and maybe the travel history of our parents. Japan are very strict when it comes to the hospital protocols and guidelines especially there’s COVID-19 going on. They suspected that we might have COVID regarding our health conditions and since our parents are recently got back from the Philippines (starting April 3, Philippines are included in Japan’s travel ban.) They think that our parents might be asymptomatic carriers that’s why the hospital recommended us to take a COVID-19 test for our best assurance and less worrisome.

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Sometimes all we need is a break, so take it.

Just today, Monday, I can’t go to work because of my temperature is 37.5 degrees, I have no flu or anything, just lately I get easily tired maybe because I have no time to rest and sleeplessness but since there’s pandemic going on, I’m not allowed to go to work since our hospital rules are so strict. No matter I wanted to go, do my job, still they didn’t allow me to. Stay at home, taking meds and rest are all I need.

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Why It’s okay not to have a “lots” of friends? Is it really okay?

Are you just like me? Not having too many friends? Nowadays, it’s easy to say “oh she’s my friend”, “yah! we’re friends” but my overthinking asks are they really friends? As in seriously?! I remember someone saying in an argument proudly saying, “Look at me, I have so many friends, and you’re not!Hmm… my eyebrow suddenly raise (like The Rock) and thought to myself “Tsk. Tsk.” that’s not what I’ve known or heard from your so called “many friends.” It’s not about the number of friends you had. Friends are family too, like you know the real one. It’s rarely to find a genuine friendship. If you have one or two, you’re lucky so keep it for real. If you don’t have one, it’s absolutely okay, you have you’re family, and that’s one of the best friendship you’ll ever had.

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Thought for Today: “We are one” in this COVID-19 battle.

In every corner of the world, we are fiercely facing fear and anxiety of this pandemic so called COVID-19. Just this Friday, we had the second case in Hiroshima City, located in Onomichi Town, where are town are almost 19 minutes by car. Am I scared? Surely YES. That man who got positive in COVID-19 just recently travel for business trip and came back in Japan, no symptoms at first then few days suddenly turn weak and become the second case of COVID-19 in our city. I’m freaking worried and scared because my mom and my father-in-law just got back from their travel in the Philippines, same airport where the man land to, but not the same flight or day, but still it scares me, that’s why we keep on praying for their continuously protection from this pandemic and each everyone of us.

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When you came back home for so long and missed being with them, all you wanna do is sketched a plan of indelible get-together with those special old and new in your life. And definitely a big oh YES, it is one of my check lists so that’s what I really did. Of course, not everyone can possibly met and bond ‘cos they might be busy and too far I guess however I’ll be glad and thankful for those being in it, and that makes my day special.  Continue reading “A DAY WITH OLD AND NEW”


Yey! After (7) seven years, we finally made it to travel and come back home for a one month vacay in the Philippines, sabi nga nila “There’s no place like home.”  and indeed it is. We planned the trip for so long but it’ll be a little bit surprise to my in-laws, where we decided to stay . It’s thrilling to see their reactions if they see their apo’s for the first time especially the two bulilits.

So the day comes, I even posted a facebook live while on the train going to Kansai Airport but the post titled are something twist so that my in laws will not be suspicious and yet the journey continues. We booked and fly with Jetstar airline, well it’s one of the cheapest flights aside from Cebu Pacific + we’ve been rewarded to spend our waiting hours to a VIP lounge, a great ambiance with over looking airplane runway + food deli to eat and kids can even spent their time on coloring books. ‘cors got coffee, sushi, coffee and dessert.

When we’re about to land in Manila Airport, It feels like my heart will fall while the airplane was landing para kaming nasa rides, scary! ramdam mo talaga and those people shouts makes you more nervous haha! Anyways, we landed safe naman.

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  As expected, God is full of surprises and in the end it’ll always give you the sweetest smile to wear in your beautiful faces. We didn’t expect that God will give us another blessing, a new love, and another added to the Fronda’s family.

  I know, I know it’s been 3 months since I gave birth to my second child Grey, not too long and yeah so early, and that’s when I notice that I’m preggy again but how could we spurn such great love, a God’s lagniappe. I admit, I’m frightened, jumpy and even doubted it at first, because I really don’t know what to do, thoughtfully asking myself, “Kaya ko ba?”, keep catechizing my hubby “Kayanin ba natin?”, praying and asking for guidance, telling him, if these is your plans so let it be and we will be happy to received it. 

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As Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”   I’m very enthusiastic about my passion in arts and it’s contagious. Whenever my little girl have spare time like she’s having a day off school, one of our bonding recipe are making arts & crafts, and it’s one of the treasure that I’d like to pass and share with her, and it’s like building a happy and healthy mother-daughter bond.


She loves to doodle, colouring and paint with her scratch book. I always keep her works at pin board, so it’ll inspire and pursue her to do more plus the feeling of enjoyment every time she did her best effort.



         After five years of trying to conceive, carefully bearing 36 weeks and gave birth in the month of August day 3. I can finally glimpse, listen and touch everything about him, a new member of the family, my sweet number two, and yes I finally have a son.

We named him Grey Avery“, I’m guessing that you might have an idea where we get his name. Yeah I know, some are asking me If we named him through Fifty shades of Grey, or the hottie Christian Grey.

I indeed adore Mr. Grey (Sino ba naman ayaw kay Christian Grey! haha!) but actually we get it from the TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, my husband and I are so hooked watching the series, not only because the characters and plots are truly amazing and interesting but also because we’re both relates or interested in science, the operating room, the setting, and of course the emergency rush. We have great fondness to Meredith character and I’m the one who insist that Avery will be his second name from Dr. Jackson Avery, sugar crush. Haha!

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Late post: First Bazaar

I’m a busy-bee ever!!! and that’s why hello again blog and my fellow bloggers out there!
Participating in a bazaar was a good and gleeful experience. Let’s talk about the feelings I’ve felt. Well it was really exciting but nervous, because it’s my first ever bazaar and it’s like questioning myself ‘oohh..what to do?’, ‘what to sell?’ etc.; of course busyness & challenging, need to overworked and finish all the handmade that I’ll sell (imagine the time that I’ve spent to my working table and my butt to seat-in, ugh! kinda hurts.); and yeah exhausted but perfectly overwhelming. It was held in Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan. It’s a bazaar project of Mihara Catholic Church. Thanks to Father Arnaldo and my friends for supporting me.
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 Who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of beauteous flowers, with an eye-catching patterns and festive colors everywhere. It’s like a wonderland of beauty that never fades, or a peaceful paradise that makes you sing a song, “I see trees and green. Red roses too.., I see them bloom..” and yeah indeed a wonderful world. (Did you feel the rhythm? Haha!)

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Bangle to love.

A sudden great mood just punched me and this is the result of my new bangle to love. I just really heart the way I create it. Well, super thanks to the music, it really helps me to boost my energy to create something special like this. This special bangle are on sale through my Facebook page; Hush Potato. For inquiries, just visit and blew me a message. 🙂



It is Wednesday, the day I received my package. I was lying on bed that day with my little princess watching Tangled movie. Yes, the Rapunzel new version where Mandy Moore was the main character. The hitch is, It was dubbed in Japanese so it’s not Mandy Moore anymore (since we are living in Japan we are force to watch it) but the glitch are fixed for having a subtitle and I say “Thank God.” Frankly, I am not good in speaking or having a great understanding in Japanese or the Nihonggo language. Maybe I am quite good-enough on sensing and knowing their throwing words when they’re talking to me but the problem is I don’t know how to give them retort. I know some but zenbu janai (not everything); I still need to harvest effortfully so my crops won’t withered. But to think, It is also a big advantage for me viewing Japanese with subtitle like catching two mouse in one day, so the cat wins “Meow!”.


Well my daughter adore Rapunzel (like she said she is Rapunzel) and the theme song played completely at the end of the movie and suddenly my little princess was pretty mount, waving her hand in the air, blubbering those lines without having the right words, dancing flakey like a peanut butter, hovering her one feet, and turning around reflecting like a little ballerina. It was overwhelming watching and seeing her with an enthusiasm.
The door bell rings, I stood up. Guess what. Yes, I am pretty excited. Do you know the feeling that you  are waiting for something that you really wanted but it’s not what you’ve expected; like seating on a couch, clicking the remote control, looking for a great to watch but in the end there’s nothing good you can watch. Meaning, my pretty excited turn into dumps. Well It is just a person who are selling some products.


An hour pass, bell rings again. Wishing it could be my package. Readying my bucks, Walking barefooted on a narrow path through our door and finally it’s Mister Mailman. The pretty excited just bloom again, eagerly wanting to open the package that I ordered.


And here it is, my new haul; Fimo soft & effect / Modena and La Doll Air dry clay / Padico Varnishing / Tamiya Mold Releaser, Fairy Mold, Miniature Parfait glass and Metal findings.

Then I had sudden epiphany which I am having a strength sayings “get-up-and-go”; “It is time to cleanse your space, dusting those dirt and orderly fixing your storage and container”. And then I lighted my signal GO so my working space turn into a disaster state. Putting all the things on the floor, starting to re-arranging them but seriously sometimes I don’t know where would I start. It’s like you’ll shrink back again from another scratch. So I wiped my desk, keep on polishing, carefully arranging my things and overly thinking where should I put those container that will suit on my little crafting table.

After 2 hours of cleaning, I am completely done. Much better right?! 
And ready to say “Welcome to my humble crafting space!”. As an Artist or Enthusiast, we wanted our working room or space to be as organized and cleanest as always. But we are artist, we are born to be wild.
Here’s the things that I always work with. Pliers, cutters, brushes, and clay of course.

(first image) Where I situated my hand made display and those three little milk bottled (Meiji) are one my entry in Recycled challenge. I also plonk my notes, sketch book, cuticles and some Clay books.
At the bottom, you will find my Mica powders, Acrylic paint, Vanishing, Glaze, Stamps, Molds that I usually use, Clays, Beads, Findings, Etc.
(second image) Meet my little oven that my mom bought and the white-trans container that my step dad gave to me.
  • At First Container;  FABRIC AND RIBBONS.
  • At Third; MY CLAY CUTTERS.

 (First image) Looking on my fave area (at the very top of my side table, the picture frame), where I glimpsed my inspirations (my little princess & my husband) and catching a positive energy that I can possibly lay on my hand made design.


Also, meet my first ever personal computer with Smile Precure desktop layout which my little princess  favorite anime. Believe it or not, this is my first peculiar. After being a student for a long time I hadn’t had a very own computer. Don’t asked me why, maybe being too practical. Let’s say “My shoes are still fine why should I buy a new one”. But since I am now earning some money, I already decided to bought one, and now I can finally say it’s my own sweat and I deserve it.


I also making graphic design such as my logo, layouts and customized box templates with the use of Gimp software though I know how to used Adobe Photoshop, maybe my hand get to used in Gimp.

Amaco Clay Machine (first image) this tool helps every artist towards their crafts by using on kneading, blending colors and making flat sheets. My slab-working are become easier and faster especially If you are in a rush or having a multiple orders.


At the second image, Yes. It is my cup of coffee like a cup of reiki. The one and only best friend I had who help me awakes when I needed to spend my whole night in making my crafts. I am not a coffee buff but no choice she’s my partner at night. How about yours?


So I guess this is enough with my space stories. See you on my next post.

Tips on how to soften your hard or crumb clays

Tips for today: 

I was experimenting earlier, making and practicing Mokume Gane then i have some hard clays that’s not easy to condition or knead. And then ideas just bumps into my head, but just wondering if this might really work to make my clay soft and easy to knead. I don’t wanna use liquid softener for clays because sometimes my hand and clays are getting sticky and messy.

So i try it and it really works. What did I do?
I just cut some hard clays then i blower it (hot) yes i used my hair blower to make my clay soft in about seconds or minutes i guess, all you need is to check or touch the clay if it’s already softening. And yeah it really works for me. 

Try it and don’t be afraid. 🙂
Good day! 🙂

Jingle Ornament Challenge

(I know this post are so-so..sooo.. late! Haha! But please pardon me; hopefully this post 
will inspire each people who loves handmade ornaments especially Christmas.)

This is my humble handmade entry for Jingle Ornaments challenge at Art Nouveau Philippines. I used styro-ball and a plastic christmas ball to make my jingle ornament. My thoughts and imaginations wanted to explode cos I don’t have great ideas on making my ornament though I have my materials I just really don’t know what would be the finale designs. 

So I just get my thingy on my working desks, and start creating the ornaments, then my first ornament turns into a shades of yellow with the green grass effects on the top with some red flowers; Second turns into a simple crusty ornament with red ribbon; the Third one becomes a See-through reddish galaxy with golden wire; Fourth one turns into a sweetie-licious ornament filled of chocolate icing, biscuits and ice cream; and the last one turns into Vines of love.

And I guess that’s the spirit of Christmas that your handmade turns into a wonderful and merry one.

I’d also like to share and introduce the other ornaments entries of my co-artist in Art Nouveau Ph with their very lovely handmade ornaments with their own description.


“I really want to make the ornaments with a styro-ball but unfortunately all stocks at NBS were sold out, so I made a few out of a flat round wood cabs I have in my stash. 

Merry Christmas! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

“I decided to make something that is not a round shape for them to stand out once it’s situate on a Christmas tree. I just use some scrap clays and varnish it with an antiquing technique. I also made a wish-list Ornament and a Mr & Mrs. Santa Clause.. Merry Christmas everyone! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

Cherry of CRAFTY CB

” I used crumpled tin foil to make it light weight… All made of polymer clay… My favorite is the Christmas scene… I enjoyed making the very small details…”

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by 


” I wanted to make something that will make my kids love it. And wah lah! They loved it. And wanted me to do more.

The idea came from my youngest who loves to eat cakes and likes watching Word Wold at Disney Junior. And the green one is my own idea. The color symbolizes self-respect and well being. It also means learning, growth and harmony which I think reflects my personality 🙂

Seeing these ornaments hanging in the living room makes me smile knowing that despite of our situation, with my own hands, I can make our Christmas as joyful as ever. Feliz Navidad mi amigas! “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by KLEYMEYT

“A delightful handmade ornaments for everyone. 

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by


” I made a Yummy Christmas-themed cupcakes made of polymer and liquid clay 🙂 (They’re not edile though!)

They can be hung on your Christmas tree (I’ll add strings) or just as display figures. “

Handmade Jingle Ornaments by

I’m Full.

(*this is a late post like one of my pending blog.) 
Another flow that I received. It is my passion, that’s all I can say. 
Since my mom back from the Philippines, I am so thrilled to gather my “pasalubong” (a present usually given from someone who go on travel; or a souvenir). 
She bought me an Hello Kitty iPhone case that made out of rhinestones. Here in Japan, decorating iPhone or any mobile cases are one of the famous hobby in every Japanese artists. They proffer courses for decorating using rhinestones, etc. As far as I know, they also have School for Arts that is all about Decorating. But the possibility it will cost you a lot of money; but the good side about taking courses or classes, you can possibly one of their partner like instance they have deco shop and they will offer you a business such you will become their designer and they are the seller (your handmade at their shop), of course the profits will be depends on the contract you will gonna have. 
But if there’s nothing proffer going on. Still it’s a big advantage in every Artist. Why? 
Just think the country or word “Japan”; for me, living here is not so easy especially If you are not a Japanese or simply they called it “Gaijin” (or other race). The cost of living are too much high; I would rather say everything you buy are in peak. For them, 1000yen are cheap but as for me I guess not. Have you heard the 100yen shop or the Daiso or now it is called Seiri; that everything price are only in 100yen but you will find some price that range to 200 to 400, well it depends on the type of the item you gonna bought. It is darling for me, It’s like a lure of fantasy. You can also buy crafts or stuff that you can used in Decorating. And now what’s my point? Every artist here are like a gold. Having courses or not, you are in a piquant on the eye of every artist and yes the buyers. And another why? For them, HANDMADE are most “takai”(expensive) to sell. Maybe it’s like your own sweat and blood, by not using a super machine without the help of other people or worker but only your hand, your own idea, your design and tools that might help you. Imagine that you created a clock of deco suite, they or you can sell it in a 10,000yen or more than that. If we convert it into a dollar, you make a profit of $128 US dollar. Well not all artist are successful, and I’m one of it but I’m eagerly to become one. Not famous, but making money for living. 
Meet my Hello kitty case. When I first saw it, I said “Woah! it’s kawaii~” and then I touched it, Oh my I’m afraid to used it; maybe because I don’t wanna ruin the decoration, since it’s rhinestones sometimes they peel off easily. I salute the one who made this, she had a lot of patience doing this little by little. 
Before my mom go home in the Philippines, I gave her some bucks to pay for my orders that I had. And what is it? It’s an oven baked clay again, look at the image below. I bought or ordered it to my friend and she’s like my eldest sister named Peach. She’s the owner of NENDO Polyclay, she sell it through online. Many Clay Artist in the Philippines are using Nendo brand. Since it’s my first time to use her clay, I am so excited like a kiddo. I just adore the colors of her clay. I wonder what design I am gonna make for this. I recommend to visit her Facebook and inquire about her clay. 

And finally, I also get my Six (6) donuts from my co-artists at CFSPH or also called Clay Friends Society Philippines. Each donut are made from different clay artist. Remember the donuts I made for my first ever swap; and now here’s the donuts I received for the swapping activity that we had.

They are so cute. I want to make something in this donuts that will result on more than display thingy.

At the top (left); made by THE JOYFUL CRAFTER; CRAFTY CB; and INSPIRED and GUIDED
At the bottom; made by LEAH LAZARTE SAVERES ; SUGAR N’ SPICE ; and lastly made by ANGEL CLAY.
And I also get this strawberry cupcake that I request to my sexy friend Cherry also known as Crafty CB. 
Thank you so much! I super love it! I’ll keep this for real. 

Happy Birthday my little Princess…

Another year for my Little Princess Phoebe Gaile. She’s already 3 years old now. Oh my she’s getting bigger If only I can stop my princess from growing up I’ll maybe do. But I love everything about her; her sweetness, her kindness, a little naughty, and a brightly girl.  I may not be a perfect mother but I am trying to be a best mother I can be. I will guide her and love her for the rest of my life, and it’s my job that  there’s no retirement. I will never be tired to be your mom even sometimes I feel weak. 
Happy Birthday my little princess. You will always be my little girl. I love you so much. 
Thanks to Mamu (her grandmom) for this birthday gift, she really enjoy and love it coz it’s her favorite.

Tips: Having Background

Artists are born to be creative, imaginative and full of passion.
 Even those things broken and unused, artist can make an art with it like recycling accessories
or things might use.
Here’s my tips for today: 
Worried about having a great background when capturing your photos. Here’s what i always do. 
You can use cardboard but mostly I just use shoe box and covered it with beautiful background plus your high-lighted desk lamp
or much better if it’s photography lamp.
And Ta-dah~! I have my little studio. :))