Tips: How to avoid extremely dirty or avoid problems using your Clay Pasta Machine~

Are you tired cleaning or having problem using your clay pasta machine?
If yes. Don’t worry you’re not alone, ME too hehe! Well I am tired cleaning my PM especially when I needed it to used with multiple or individual colors and some of your clay sheets will results with patches or some dusty clay that sticks on your machine that possible to stick on your next roll clay sheet, so frustrating right?! So here’s what I experiment in different kind or types of Clay. Continue reading “Tips: How to avoid extremely dirty or avoid problems using your Clay Pasta Machine~”

Tips using Clay Extruder

Since I have new extruder I will make some tips using my makins extruder. So say hi to Mr. Extruder, that’s the way I called him. He helped me a lot in many design even-though my hand are kinda hurt using it. I would say it’s not bad if you spend some money to buy a good quality tools coz you will find it worthy.
Materials I used:
Fimo Clay
Makins Extruder
Clay Roller or Pasta Machine
Circle Cutter
Cutter knife


Here’s what I’m gonna share using Mr. Extruder for easy using it.
*First we need a pasta machine or clay roller so we can condition our clay very well.
*After conditioning your clay, use your circle cutter and put them together (like the photo below);
(Yes i know it will eat a lot of time, but don’t worry this will help you to chose your own colors and for easy putting your clay on the extruder)
*Oh my don’t forget to roll your clay when you are done putting them all so your clay will stick together and make them long.
*Then check it if they will already fit on your extruder.
*Put your clay and choose your prefer disc design.
*And we’re all ready to rock! 🙂
*by the way, if your hand are also hurting while using extruder you can use;
CLOTH TOWEL and roll it to your extruder or;
RUBBER BAND (more rubber band that will fit your hand when holding Mr. Extruder body)
-but the most comfy to use; look for a FOAM it will less the pain since Mr. Extruder are made out of steel. (put and roll it to Mr. Extruder body and the rotator as well if you want)


These are the result of my handmade cane using Mr. Extruder.
I made a ring and a necklace (sorry i forgot to take a pic of my hand made necklace)
Don’t fear to experiment on your own extruder.
Make it ROCK! 😀

Tips on how to soften your hard or crumb clays

Tips for today: 

I was experimenting earlier, making and practicing Mokume Gane then i have some hard clays that’s not easy to condition or knead. And then ideas just bumps into my head, but just wondering if this might really work to make my clay soft and easy to knead. I don’t wanna use liquid softener for clays because sometimes my hand and clays are getting sticky and messy.

So i try it and it really works. What did I do?
I just cut some hard clays then i blower it (hot) yes i used my hair blower to make my clay soft in about seconds or minutes i guess, all you need is to check or touch the clay if it’s already softening. And yeah it really works for me. 

Try it and don’t be afraid. 🙂
Good day! 🙂