DIY Kid’s Table Makeover

Hey Hush Babies! Today is a busy Monday, and I’d like to share some Do-it-Yourself kids table makeover. Well, my kids love to doodle, color and paint, so I decided to makeover the old messy table turn into adorable kids table.

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Tips: How to avoid extremely dirty or avoid problems using your Clay Pasta Machine~

Are you tired cleaning or having problem using your clay pasta machine?
If yes. Don’t worry you’re not alone, ME too hehe! Well I am tired cleaning my PM especially when I needed it to used with multiple or individual colors and some of your clay sheets will results with patches or some dusty clay that sticks on your machine that possible to stick on your next roll clay sheet, so frustrating right?! So here’s what I experiment in different kind or types of Clay. Continue reading “Tips: How to avoid extremely dirty or avoid problems using your Clay Pasta Machine~”

LP: Invites project

IMG_6210Another late project to posts. Aarrgh! there’s a lot of post that I’ve been missed but anyways here’s the snap paper craft works I made before. I’ve been hired to make a wedding invites and a 5oth birthday for a masquerade party theme. It’s a long way challenge to me especially the wedding invites that my dear friend requests by having a bride and groom that made out of clay kissing in front or while opening their wedding invitation. Oh it’s a big gulp but I’m very happy with the outcome and of course not just me including my dear friend, the bride and groom reminds me how sweet to be in-love and be loved for the rest of our lives. Ayeeeh! love-love-love ❤ Continue reading “LP: Invites project”


GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Congratulations Winners!

iPhonecase Winner: @Alma G.
Consolation Winner of Handmade Bracelet: @Melody CT

Hello dearies! Since I am back to crafts world, maybe it’s time for me to throw a giveaway.
Yess!! A custom iPhone case giveaway. Of course my own custom design, the iPhone images above are one of my own custom made casing, so the lucky peeps will received my new custom made iPhone design.
(Just so you know iPhone case are made of deco sweets clay)

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Bangle to love.

A sudden great mood just punched me and this is the result of my new bangle to love. I just really heart the way I create it. Well, super thanks to the music, it really helps me to boost my energy to create something special like this. This special bangle are on sale through my Facebook page; Hush Potato. For inquiries, just visit and blew me a message. 🙂


New Pursuit.


I have a new pursuit to hone and to be hooked with; and it’s making a Wood Crafts. When I was still in the Philippines, I do really wanted to make a wood crafts but sad to say I can’t find a good materials for making a wood thingy so I can’t pursue on creating some stuff.

And then voilà~! It is my lucky day when I went to shop for some groceries and I saw a wood materials section. Of  course, I am so animated looking for something I can use on making my first wood crafts. 

And here’s the materials that I bought; (a) plywood sheet (b) round wood stick (c) hobby saw and (d) metal hang fittings 

I always envious seeing images of a wall rack ribbon and I know it was made of a professional maker that can buy at Interior Home Depot. And now I am gonna make my own wall rack ribbon “Yiheee..” though I don’t have much materials for wood crafting maybe I can still make a way to create my new pursuits. 

Since I dont’ have a wood drill I just  used my screw driver to make a hole.  I need to use a tape measure, ruler and pencil to create a guides.  Continue reading “New Pursuit.”

DIY: Recycling Moments

One day we bought a box of Aquarius which is like a water or an energy drink and a Coca-cola soft drink; a 2Liter in size that looks like a voluptuous woman.
And then suddenly “Recycled” just cross into my mind. I told to myself once the bottle are empty I’ll think something that I can possibly use for my stuff.
So the bottle are empty. I thoroughly washed it, pouring some detergent inside the bottle, re-capping to close, then I shaked it upside down so it will wash the whole body. Since it’s not easy to take away the detergent bubbles, I just leave the running water dripping to the mouth so the bubbles will go up and gone.
Here’s what I had in mind; I’d like to make a lamp on the top and a container with the bottom. But the result, I only just made the container. Since I don’t have enough materials for the lamp, I’ll skipped to it but once I have the materials like the bulb, I’ll sort it again.
I was in-love with her body by being transparent, the color will stays and leave it as transparent. Maybe because I wanted to see my stuff that I am gonna put on my recycled container.
Look what I did. This is the result, simple but useful. I situated my scissors, cutter, little roller, deco pen, and more on deco whip and sauce; and Tadah~! I had my own stuff container. So here’s the images for the step.

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It is Wednesday, the day I received my package. I was lying on bed that day with my little princess watching Tangled movie. Yes, the Rapunzel new version where Mandy Moore was the main character. The hitch is, It was dubbed in Japanese so it’s not Mandy Moore anymore (since we are living in Japan we are force to watch it) but the glitch are fixed for having a subtitle and I say “Thank God.” Frankly, I am not good in speaking or having a great understanding in Japanese or the Nihonggo language. Maybe I am quite good-enough on sensing and knowing their throwing words when they’re talking to me but the problem is I don’t know how to give them retort. I know some but zenbu janai (not everything); I still need to harvest effortfully so my crops won’t withered. But to think, It is also a big advantage for me viewing Japanese with subtitle like catching two mouse in one day, so the cat wins “Meow!”.


Well my daughter adore Rapunzel (like she said she is Rapunzel) and the theme song played completely at the end of the movie and suddenly my little princess was pretty mount, waving her hand in the air, blubbering those lines without having the right words, dancing flakey like a peanut butter, hovering her one feet, and turning around reflecting like a little ballerina. It was overwhelming watching and seeing her with an enthusiasm.
The door bell rings, I stood up. Guess what. Yes, I am pretty excited. Do you know the feeling that you  are waiting for something that you really wanted but it’s not what you’ve expected; like seating on a couch, clicking the remote control, looking for a great to watch but in the end there’s nothing good you can watch. Meaning, my pretty excited turn into dumps. Well It is just a person who are selling some products.


An hour pass, bell rings again. Wishing it could be my package. Readying my bucks, Walking barefooted on a narrow path through our door and finally it’s Mister Mailman. The pretty excited just bloom again, eagerly wanting to open the package that I ordered.


And here it is, my new haul; Fimo soft & effect / Modena and La Doll Air dry clay / Padico Varnishing / Tamiya Mold Releaser, Fairy Mold, Miniature Parfait glass and Metal findings.

Then I had sudden epiphany which I am having a strength sayings “get-up-and-go”; “It is time to cleanse your space, dusting those dirt and orderly fixing your storage and container”. And then I lighted my signal GO so my working space turn into a disaster state. Putting all the things on the floor, starting to re-arranging them but seriously sometimes I don’t know where would I start. It’s like you’ll shrink back again from another scratch. So I wiped my desk, keep on polishing, carefully arranging my things and overly thinking where should I put those container that will suit on my little crafting table.

After 2 hours of cleaning, I am completely done. Much better right?! 
And ready to say “Welcome to my humble crafting space!”. As an Artist or Enthusiast, we wanted our working room or space to be as organized and cleanest as always. But we are artist, we are born to be wild.
Here’s the things that I always work with. Pliers, cutters, brushes, and clay of course.

(first image) Where I situated my hand made display and those three little milk bottled (Meiji) are one my entry in Recycled challenge. I also plonk my notes, sketch book, cuticles and some Clay books.
At the bottom, you will find my Mica powders, Acrylic paint, Vanishing, Glaze, Stamps, Molds that I usually use, Clays, Beads, Findings, Etc.
(second image) Meet my little oven that my mom bought and the white-trans container that my step dad gave to me.
  • At First Container;  FABRIC AND RIBBONS.
  • At Third; MY CLAY CUTTERS.

 (First image) Looking on my fave area (at the very top of my side table, the picture frame), where I glimpsed my inspirations (my little princess & my husband) and catching a positive energy that I can possibly lay on my hand made design.


Also, meet my first ever personal computer with Smile Precure desktop layout which my little princess  favorite anime. Believe it or not, this is my first peculiar. After being a student for a long time I hadn’t had a very own computer. Don’t asked me why, maybe being too practical. Let’s say “My shoes are still fine why should I buy a new one”. But since I am now earning some money, I already decided to bought one, and now I can finally say it’s my own sweat and I deserve it.


I also making graphic design such as my logo, layouts and customized box templates with the use of Gimp software though I know how to used Adobe Photoshop, maybe my hand get to used in Gimp.

Amaco Clay Machine (first image) this tool helps every artist towards their crafts by using on kneading, blending colors and making flat sheets. My slab-working are become easier and faster especially If you are in a rush or having a multiple orders.


At the second image, Yes. It is my cup of coffee like a cup of reiki. The one and only best friend I had who help me awakes when I needed to spend my whole night in making my crafts. I am not a coffee buff but no choice she’s my partner at night. How about yours?


So I guess this is enough with my space stories. See you on my next post.

DIY: Your Own Little Studio



Artists are born to be creative, imaginative and full of passion.
Even those things broken and unused, artist can make an art with it like recycling accessories
or things might use.


Here’s my tips for today:
Worried about having a great background when capturing your photos. Here’s what i always do.
You can use cardboard but mostly I just use shoe box and covered it with beautiful background plus your high-lighted desk lamp
or much better if it’s photography lamp.


And Ta-dah~! I have my little studio. :))

Tips using Clay Extruder

Since I have new extruder I will make some tips using my makins extruder. So say hi to Mr. Extruder, that’s the way I called him. He helped me a lot in many design even-though my hand are kinda hurt using it. I would say it’s not bad if you spend some money to buy a good quality tools coz you will find it worthy.
Materials I used:
Fimo Clay
Makins Extruder
Clay Roller or Pasta Machine
Circle Cutter
Cutter knife


Here’s what I’m gonna share using Mr. Extruder for easy using it.
*First we need a pasta machine or clay roller so we can condition our clay very well.
*After conditioning your clay, use your circle cutter and put them together (like the photo below);
(Yes i know it will eat a lot of time, but don’t worry this will help you to chose your own colors and for easy putting your clay on the extruder)
*Oh my don’t forget to roll your clay when you are done putting them all so your clay will stick together and make them long.
*Then check it if they will already fit on your extruder.
*Put your clay and choose your prefer disc design.
*And we’re all ready to rock! 🙂
*by the way, if your hand are also hurting while using extruder you can use;
CLOTH TOWEL and roll it to your extruder or;
RUBBER BAND (more rubber band that will fit your hand when holding Mr. Extruder body)
-but the most comfy to use; look for a FOAM it will less the pain since Mr. Extruder are made out of steel. (put and roll it to Mr. Extruder body and the rotator as well if you want)


These are the result of my handmade cane using Mr. Extruder.
I made a ring and a necklace (sorry i forgot to take a pic of my hand made necklace)
Don’t fear to experiment on your own extruder.
Make it ROCK! 😀

Tips on how to soften your hard or crumb clays

Tips for today: 

I was experimenting earlier, making and practicing Mokume Gane then i have some hard clays that’s not easy to condition or knead. And then ideas just bumps into my head, but just wondering if this might really work to make my clay soft and easy to knead. I don’t wanna use liquid softener for clays because sometimes my hand and clays are getting sticky and messy.

So i try it and it really works. What did I do?
I just cut some hard clays then i blower it (hot) yes i used my hair blower to make my clay soft in about seconds or minutes i guess, all you need is to check or touch the clay if it’s already softening. And yeah it really works for me. 

Try it and don’t be afraid. 🙂
Good day! 🙂